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The company Zumaglini & Gallina has extensive experience in the construction of new residential buildings, both public and private. The quality of materials, high-end finishes, effective teamwork, strict adherence to timelines, and optimal management of all construction phases characterize every project undertaken by the company.


Significant technological expertise has been consolidated in this sector, with advanced requirements in terms of timing and organizational techniques. The know-how developed over the years, with buildings of various types dedicated to diverse sectors, always includes a particular focus on safety, environmental impact, and corporate image.


In all projects, the search for new solutions is accompanied by a special attention to livability, well-being, and the warmth of materials, balancing tradition and architectural innovation. Zumaglini & Gallina specializes in the construction of offices, supermarkets, and large multifunctional complexes distributed in the Piedmont and Lombardy regions.


The company is involved in the construction of new buildings and the redevelopment of existing ones, working in synergy with the activities to protect users and develop less invasive programs to achieve results. The needs of interventions in such structures can be summarized as a strict adherence to timelines and available space, careful and punctual planning, adaptation to the changing needs of different departments, attention to quality, and compliance with specifications.


The challenge of architectural restoration, the ability to work on structures subject to the constraints of the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage, and the recovery of specific archaeological sites have materialized over the years. Restoration is an intervention field that requires not only great passion but also extensive technical and professional preparation: from recovering materials from the past to integrating new solutions and technologies into historic buildings, to their change of use, spanning from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.


The company’s long-standing attention to environmental issues has led it to complement hydraulic construction with wastewater treatment. The experience gained in the forty-year experience in the sector, including collaboration with specialized partners, now ensures the ability to offer comprehensive and technologically advanced expertise, both in design and construction, in the field of wastewater treatment processes.


The high competence and experience in hydraulic construction, managing the construction process of complex plants, and planning and developing the project at every level, a guarantee of reliability and quality, are made available to private clients interested in renewable energy initiatives.


The tradition in hydraulic construction, developed throughout the company’s history since its foundation, ensures a high-level technical know-how both in terms of design, with its internal team of specialized technicians, and in operations, with highly qualified craftsmen. This represents a fundamental strength to meet the high design standards of both public and private clients.

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