RSSA San Matteo “Rimembranza”
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RSSA San Matteo “Rimembranza”

The intervention consisted of the construction of the new Socio-Sanitary Assistance Center, with a total of 120 beds, located in the Municipality of Nichelino, Via Parco della Rimembranza.


The planned building is spread over two above-ground floors, and it has a square footprint with an internal courtyard.

Inside the courtyard, a protected pedestrian connection has been implemented, serving both roof levels and aiming to enhance the connectivity of the spaces located on the wings of the internal courtyards. The total built volume is 22,621.7 meters3.

The flat roof level has been exclusively designated for the installation of technological systems, a photovoltaic field, and a solar field.

From the main elevation protrudes a glazed volume, which characterizes the building architecturally and identifies the entrances. On the secondary elevation, essential services such as the kitchen are located.


The beds are divided into double and single rooms, all with private bathrooms.

The new RSA includes physiotherapy gyms, medical offices, a nursing station, rooms for assisted bathing, a hair salon, and podiatry services. It also features spacious halls for meals and recreational activities. Additionally, on the ground floor, there is a Day Center for the Elderly accommodating 30 people.

These activities are interconnected through spacious corridors, three lifting systems (including two platform lifts), and an internal staircase.


RSSA San Matteo "Rimembranza"


Numeria SGR SpA


Nichelino (TO)

Work Execution

2016 - 2017

Intervention Area

22.621,7 cubic meters