Romagna Aqueduct Integration
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Romagna Aqueduct Integration

Savio water diversion for the integration of the Romagna Aqueduct.

Construction of the branch pipeline from the main backbone of the Romagna Aqueduct, first lot of the connection to the Quarto Dam.


The work as a whole consists of:

  • DN 700 cast iron adduction pipeline: 20,000 m
  • DN 700 steel adduction pipeline: 5,000 m
  • Branch pipeline for St. Charles DN 250 steel: 400 m
  • DN600 cast iron sewer collector: 2,580 m
  • Branch pipeline for Bivio Montegelli DN 200 cast iron: 100 m
  • Branch pipeline for Saracen Market DN3 00 steel: 300 m
  • Connection cabin with DN 1200 adductor in San Mauro in Valle
  • San Carlo tapping cabin with 40 l/s drawdown
  • Sogliano tapping cabin with 20 l/s drawdown
  • Mercato Saraceno underground storage tank 1,000 cu. m.
  • Lifting station for Saracen Market with flow rate Q=30 l/s

Romagna Aqueduct Integration


Romagna Acque - Società delle Fonti SpA


Pipeline from Cesena (FC) to Mercato Saraceno (Monte Castello locality).

Work execution

2003 - 2006

Hydraulic constructions