Collettamento Ceriale
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Collettamento Ceriale

Connection of Ceriale's sewage network to the consortium wastewater treatment plant in Borghetto Santo Spirito.

Construction of the backbone connecting the convergence point of the entire sewage network of Ceriale to the consortium wastewater treatment plant in Borghetto Santo Spirito using a PEHD DN 450 pipe with a length of approximately 6,000 m. Simultaneously with the intervention, parallel to the sewer pipeline, a DN 450 PEHD supply pipeline, approximately 5,500 m in length, is constructed to channel the treated water to the agricultural district of Ceriale for reuse in irrigation.
For the transfer of wastewater from the Municipality of Ceriale to the consortium wastewater treatment plant, a pumping station will be constructed, equipped with 4+4 pumps Q=110 l/s H=25 m, and a solid body crushing system.

Simultaneously with the hydraulic engineering intervention, a technological structure will be constructed to overcome Capo d’Anzo, a natural promontory that separates the two municipalities and is crossed by the S.S. n°1 Aurelia. This structure, made of cantilevered metalwork over the sea, will have the dual function of supporting the pipelines and serving as a pedestrian walkway for connecting seaside promenades, linked to existing structures with stepped ramps.


Collettamento Ceriale


Servizi Ambientali SpA


Ceriale (SV) - Borghetto Santo Spirito (SV)

Work Execution

2010 - 2012

Water purification