ST Microelectronics – Fabbricato R3
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ST Microelectronics – Fabbricato R3

Interior and architectural finishes of the R3 expansion of the Agrate Brianza production site

ST Microelectronics is a French-Italian public shareholding company with widespread ownership and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of semiconductor electronic components as well as a leader in Industry 4.0.


At the Agrate Brianza production site, the R3 expansion was built, with Zumaglini & Galliana SpA playing a leading role in the creation of the interior and architectural finishes throughout the expansion. As an extremely strategic industrial site, reproduction of images.he whole extension is not authorized.


Zumaglini & Gallina SpA was responsible for all the interior architectural fit-out except for some components of the clean room envelope.

30,000 sq. m. of self-leveling floor resins, 120,000 sq. m. of wall painting with very low environmental release products, 750 interior fireproof windows and doors with mostly non-standard dimensions, 80,000 sq. m. of masonry and plasterboard plating were made. In addition, 4,000 sq. m. of office space in the office building of the industrial complex has been set up.


The overall intervention is certainly among the most prestigious ones performed in industry in recent years.


ST Microelectronics - Fabbricato R3


ST Microelectronics


Agrate Brianza (MB)

Work Execution


Intervention Area

30.000 sq. m.