Prati di Baragiotta Hydroelectric Power Plant
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Prati di Baragiotta Hydroelectric Power Plant

The new 500 kWh Hydroelectric Plant is composed of:

  • intake structure with reinforced concrete on the existing conveyance canal, consisting of a shaped loading tank connected to the conveyance canal through a short diversion. The inlet of the tank is protected by No. 2 automatic screeners and is sectionable No. 2 motorized flat sluice gates of dimensions 3.60 m width x 2.7 m height;
  • Connection between the intake work and the power plant made with a DN3000 mm steel penstock, length about 320 m, head about 8.29 m;
  • central building consisting of an architectural volume of fair-faced beloved concrete, located downstream of the former Grignasco Spinning Mills plant, consisting of a basement floor for housing facilities and an above-ground floor.
  • production plant consisting of No. 2 turbine-generator units of the Kaplan type with double regulation, horizontal wheel axis, with a flow rate of 7.5 cu m/s each and No. 1 synchronous exhaust capable of effectively limiting the effects of varied motion in the plant, which could be triggered by adjustment maneuvers or turbine shutdowns, and absorbing water hammers due to flow rate changes in the pipeline or turbine shutdowns. The flow rate is regulated through a No. 1 Howell Bunger DN1500 type valve.
  • Restitution work to reinforced concrete structure on the existing canal.

Prati di Baragiotta Hydroelectric Power Plant


Sipea Srl


Grignasco (NO)

Work Execution

2014 - 2016