MEMC Novara
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MEMC Novara

Realization New 300mm Building

Construction of a new production module called “300mm”, located in the Global Wafers facility in the city of Novara. The name originates from the diameter of the silicon wafer format, which forms the base of electronic circuits used in every field of electronics and automation.


The project involved the construction of:

  • a “Fabrication” (FAB) building where the production processes for the creation of silicon wafers, which represent the finished product, take place. The core of the production area is a 4,800 sqm Clean Room located on the first floor.
  • a Central Utility Building (CUB), a facility responsible for generating the process fluids necessary for the production units;


The contracted work involves the construction of all metal structures, including those supporting the Clean Room, internal wall partitions, and finishing works such as floor resins, special paints, window frames, and special false ceilings. To complete the construction lot, external utilities, paving, and finishes in transit routes and outdoor areas are being constructed.


MEMC Novara


Global Wafers MEMC Electronic Materials SpA



Work execution

2023 - ongoing

Intervention Area

35,000 sqm Internal Surfaces 10,000 sqm External Landscaping Works