San Raffaele 1 – Milan Cathedral
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San Raffaele 1 – Milan Cathedral

Restoration and renovation work

The property, consisting of 7 above-ground floors, 2 basement floors and an internal courtyard, is located in Piazza Duomo between San Raffaele and Ugo Foscolo Streets, in the heart of Milan. The work involved interior renovation of the building and exterior cleaning of the facades.


Le superfici ai piani sono state progettate e riqualificate con l’obiettivo di garantire ai conduttori la massima flessibilità di utilizzo. The project included the creation of office spaces with excellent indoor comfort, as well as representative areas, entrance hall and outdoor spaces with views of the Cathedral usable by future tenants, all according to the LEED v4 Core&Shell GOLD standard.


General cleaning was carried out on the exterior facades, and a new coating of bushhammered Istria stone was applied to the 6th and 7th floors.


Notable interventions include the extension of the elevator shafts up to the 8th floor, the construction of the elliptical-shaped courtly staircase at the entrance from San Raffaele Street, and the reconstruction of the service staircase on the Ugo Foscolo Street side.


Of particular importance is the care of logistics and safety in managing the construction site within the protected area of Cathedral Square.


San Raffaele 1 - Milan Cathedral





Work execution

2018 - 2019

Internal area of intervention

5.000 sq. m.

Commercials and Offices, Restoration and Redevelopment