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A strong managerial and corporate continuity and the presence of highly skilled technical and operational personnel, motivated by a long-standing affiliation with a company that has always focused on involving all human resources in each project.

Intervention sectors

The historical experience in the construction sector, combined with a high degree of specialization and the acquisition of the latest know-how, makes the company capable of providing excellent responses to the diverse needs of clients.

How Does It Works

Client consultancy is one of the key elements of Zumaglini & Gallina's modus operandi and spans throughout the entire relationship with the client, from the design phase to the final delivery. A team of engineers and architects carries out the executive design, organizes construction sites, executes the works until the completion of the project, ensuring professionalism and reliability. This is guaranteed in the operational phase by the work of qualified personnel who collaborate continuously and safely.


Over time, Public Administrations, Ministries, and entities responsible for the recovery of artistic heritage have entrusted Zumaglini & Gallina with interventions of various scales. These range from the redevelopment of degraded urban areas to the creation of museum spaces, and even the construction of innovative structures using the latest technologies. Private clients represent a significant portion of the company's customer portfolio, requiring prestigious constructions of both industrial and civil buildings.









Benefit Corporation
and Sustainable Development

Since 2023, Zumaglini & Gallina has become a Benefit Corporation, a type of company that, in addition to pursuing business excellence, places the common good at the center of its objectives. This transformation reflects our deep desire to embrace more meaningful and sustainable values, emphasizing environmental, social, and cultural benefits.

The intervention areas


Zumaglini & Gallina has extensive experience in the construction of new residential buildings, both public and private.


Considerable expertise has been consolidated in this sector, encompassing cutting-edge technological requirements, as well as advanced timing and organizational techniques.

Commercials and Offices

In all projects, the pursuit of new solutions has always been accompanied by a particular focus on the livability of spaces, well-being, and the warmth of materials, striking a balance between tradition and architectural innovation.

Healthcare and Education

Construction of new buildings and the redevelopment of existing ones, working in synergy with the activities to protect users and develop less invasive programs to achieve the desired outcome.

Restoration and Redevelopment

Restoration is an area of intervention that requires extensive technical and professional preparation: from the recovery of materials from the past to the integration of new solutions and technologies into historical buildings, to their conversion of use.

Water purification

The company’s longstanding commitment to environmental issues has led it to complement hydraulic construction with purification.


The high expertise and experience in hydraulic construction are made available to private clients for the development of projects in the field of renewable energy.

Hydraulic Construction

Our tradition in hydraulic construction ensures a high-level technical know-how, representing a strength in dealing with the high design standards of public and private clients.


The intervention methodologies of Zumaglini & Gallina are ensured by:

Integrated Quality, Environmental, and Safety Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2015,
UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, UNI ISO 45001:2018 e SA 8000:2014

SOA Certification

Ethical Code

The Ethical Code expresses the set of duties and ethical responsibilities in the conduct of business and corporate activities at Zumaglini & Gallina. It is an integral document of the Organization and Management Model drafted in accordance with Legislative Decree 231 of 08/06/2001.



Quality-Environment-Safety System

Zumaglini & Gallina, aware of the responsibility that every productive organization assumes regarding the health and safety of its workers, environmental protection, and customer satisfaction, promotes a Quality, Environment, and Safety Policy that serves as a guide and reference for all company activities. The organization considers it essential to have achieved the full implementation of a Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, and UNI ISO 45001 standards.



Social Responsibility

Zumaglini & Gallina pursues and supports the internationally recognized human rights and considers the protection of the integrity, health, rights, and well-being of its employees and the environment as primary and fundamental elements in the exercise and development of its activities, preventing all forms of discrimination according to the SA 8000 standard.



Cassa Edile Awards 2023

The “Cassa Edile Awards” is awarded to all those who uphold positive values and contribute to the development of an ethical entrepreneurial system that supports the bilateral construction system.
Zumaglini & Gallina has received the award in the categories of “Fair Play” and “Top Player Impresa“.

Work Selections