OGR Palazzina Uffici
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OGR Palazzina Uffici

Riqualificazione Palazzina Uffici via Borsellino

The project drafted by Zumaglini & Gallina S.p.A. Benefit Company requalifies the former office building facing Via Borsellino, always part of the OGR complex and until now the headquarters of Telt offices, in its entirety, involving all three building bodies that make it up. The intervention confirms the historical and current destination of the building (executive offices), promoting its reuse through the internal redistribution of spaces, by defining contemporary and dynamic workspaces, taking care to preserve the distinctive features of the property protected by the Superintendence for Architectural and Landscape Heritage.


The workstations will host the largest European accelerator for EdTech startups, headquartered in Helsinki. A new international accelerator dedicated to the education sector, with 56 new companies from 11 countries, has been established to help them grow, raising over 10 million in venture capital.
This represents a significant innovation as “EdTech” is an entity that accelerates businesses dedicated to tech-based education and instruction, two fields undergoing rapid evolution, particularly under the influence of the effects caused by the pandemic. In this way, both the frontiers of innovation at OGR and the realms of teaching and learning are expanded.


OGR Palazzina Uffici


OGR – CRT Società Consortile



Esecuzione Lavori

2022 - 2023

Superficie di intervento

4.000 mq


€ 13.000.000

Commercials and Offices