Exilles Fort
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Exilles Fort

Restoration and functional recovery of the Cavaliere complex, including the installation of elevators within the rock.

The restoration intervention includes the spaces distributed along the first floor of the Knight’s courtyard, as well as the corresponding external facades. The cleaning, restoration, integration, and conservation interventions are aimed at preserving the authenticity of the building to the highest degree. The materials chosen for the work originate from the traditional historical site, using mortars based on natural lime, stones extracted on-site, and wooden blocks.

The creation of the new vertical connection, through the installation of two elevators “in the rock,” will make access to the Fort possible for everyone. The access route is highly evocative: one ascends to the Fort within two panoramic elevators that allow for the observation of the surrounding landscape during the ascent, from inside the rock-cut breach. Due to the particular geometry and precision in dimensional tolerance, rock excavation techniques derived from the extractive mining sector were employed.


Exilles Fort


Piedmont Region


Exilles (TO)

Work Execution

2007 - 2011

Intervention area

7.000 sm

Restored interior surfaces

12,000 sq. m.

Restored interior surfaces

2.500 sq. m.

Volume of extracted rock

4.500 sq. m.

Restoration and Redevelopment