Borghetto S. Spirito Wastewater Treatment Plant
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Borghetto S. Spirito Wastewater Treatment Plant

Expansion of MBR lines

As part of the intervention, the following works have been implemented:


Water line

  • Installation of pump #1 with a flow rate of 240 l/s and a head of 45 m on the connecting piping to the DN 700 duct made of spheroidal cast iron, length 300 meters
  • Fine screening with rotary drum technology and transport and compaction auger, spacing 2 mm – 1 line – flow rate 1,200 cubic meters per hour for the grid.
  • Installation of 18 cassettes with 48 modules of MBR ultrafiltration, including modifications to the piping of existing lines and connection of the new lines.
  • Expansion of the reagent system for MBR (citric acid and sodium hypochlorite lines).


Sludge line

  • Aerobic stabilization – electromechanical setup of 1 line – total volume 1240 cubic meters.
  • Thickening – machinery setup of 1 line – total volume 350 cubic meters.
  • Duplication of mechanical dewatering lines on centrifuges provided by the Client.

Borghetto S. Spirito Wastewater Treatment Plant - Expansion of MBR Lines


Servizi Ambientali SpA


Borghetto Santo Spirito (SV)

Work Execution


Equivalent population

Increase in capacity from 103,000 inhabitants equivalent. to 140,000 inhabitants equivalent with expansion of the existing MBR treatment line.

Average hourly flow rate of the plant

Q24= 1.507 mc/h

Maximum treatable flow rate on the membranes

Q24= 1.450 mc/h

Installed membrane surface area

36,000 sq. m., type ZeeWeed GE Power & Water

Water purification