Zumaglini & Gallina

Restoration of the "Casa Fantone" Palace

Biella, Piazzo neibourhood

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Works execution: 2004-2006 Time limit for completion: 800 days Client: ICCIS
Design: Zumaglini & Gallina SpA
Area: 1,600 sq metres
Number of flats: 14
Decorated surfaces: 6,500 sq metres
Domotic systems: all the units

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The Piazzo neibourhood in Biella is a precious place, where grandiose exclusive palaces evoke the ancient magnificence and the past and present importance of this part of the city for Biella.The restored object, known under the name of "Casa Fantone", boasts origins dating back before 1700. The decision of subdividing the building into 14 living units was inspired by the need to preserve all the original details and architectural elements. The ensuing living units retain the lofty character of the original building with a touch of uniqueness and prestige. Vaulted structures, frescoed ceilings, the attentive use of stone and wood create a very evocative atmosphere.