Zumaglini & Gallina

Zumaglini & Gallina SpA
Builders since 1946

Zumaglini & Gallina SpA was founded in 1946 and since over sixty years, has operated in all the sectors of the building industry.

Its acknowledged reliability is based on sound corporate and management continuity and on the consistent involvement of its highly qualified and well-experienced technical and operational staff in each company project.

Know-how and experience

The company long-standing experience in the building sector, combined with its high degree of specialization and advanced know-how make it the ideal partner to offer solutions of excellence for a wide range of different client needs:

  • design of civil and industrial works, waterworks, irrigation works, purification plants
  • building and restoration of civil and commercial buildings, health care facilities and hospitals, sports facilities, public entertainment facilities
  • restoration and maintenance of highly praised buildings protected by the Historical Heritage Superintendency
  • road network (roads, bridges, waterworks)
  • hydraulic works: purification plants, waterworks and sewers
  • underground parking lots

Zumaglini & Gallina SpA: the way we work

On-going consultancy is one of the key elements in the way Zumaglini & Gallina SpA works with clients, starting from the design stage up to final delivery.

In both locations a team of engineers and architects finalizes the executive plan, coordinates task at the building site, carries through the project up to final delivery ensuring reliability and professionalism. The company relies on qualified personnel with long-standing experience in the company and operating in safe working conditions.


Public Sector clients

Public administration, Ministries and agencies supervising the recovery of the arts heritage entrusted Zumaglini & Gallina SpA with various projects ranging from the regeneration of deprived urban areas to the building of new museums, as well as the building of innovative structures with state-of-the-art technology.

Private sector clients

The company client portfolio includes a wide range of private sector clients who addressed to Zumaglini for prestigious industrial and civil buildings.