Zumaglini & Gallina

ONU/ITC ILO Europe Pavilion
Pavilion renovation and construction
of a new conference center


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Customer: ITC ILO
Works execution: October 2013 - September 2014

The project involved the redevelopment of the Europe Pavilion in the International Training Centre in Turin.
The building was occupied by classrooms for the educational activities coordinated by the Centre (ground floor) and by offices (distributed on the ground floor, in the north wing, and all over the first floor).
The intended use has not changed with the restructuring, except for the fact that the ground floor, to the whole, has been designed for educational activities with classrooms, translation booths and support services.
The project provided for:
the construction on the ground floor of four large classrooms, equipped with translation booths in accordance with current European regulation; classrooms, when needed, can be transformed - by grouping them together two by two - in two unique classrooms even larger;
the construction of new offices on the first floor, maintaining the recently renovated offices in the south wing and returning to the same standard those in the north wing.
The total renovation of the facades, with the construction of a new façade that - while retaining the concept of curtain wall, a very distinguishing mark of the building – can overcome any kind of architectural and technical problem, and resume the appearance and colors of the original pavilions, integrating the external appearance of the building to the characteristics of the surrounding ones.
The total remaking of technological systems, in view of a particular attention to all aspects of environmental sustainability.