Zumaglini & Gallina

Purification plant for a consortium
of municipalities, Borghetto Santo Spirito

Borghetto Santo Spirito (SV)

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Works execution: 2006-2009
Client: Servizi Ambientali SpA
Purification system potentiality: 103.000 ihn/eq
Hourly flow rate: 565 m3/h

Treatment: active sludge with hollow fiber ultrafiltration system.
The project encompasses the building of a second stage waste water treatment plant in a former quarry as well as the construction of sewers and lift plants in the Municipalities belonging to Servizi Ambientali SpA Consortium.

Project works envisaged:

  • Site safety works
  • Installation of all the wastewater treatment units
  • Completion of pumping stations and feed conduits from primary processing
  • Installation of discharge conduits
  • Renovation of existing lift stations
  • Building of sewers in the Balestrino (SV) Municipality,with tilted conduits, 1,500 m.
  • Sewers and lift station in the Balestrino (SV) Municipality with PEAD De 200 pressure pipes (650 m length) and De 110 (100 m length)