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Prati di Baragiotta - Hydroelectric power plant

Grignasco (NO)

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Works execution: 2014-2016
Client: Sipea S.r.l.

The new hydroelectric plant consists of:

  • intake structure on the existing feeding channel, constituted by a load tank shaft-shaped connected to the delivery channel via a short derivation; the inlet of the tank is protected, from upstream to downstream, by an automatic bar screen with two motorized sliding gate of the following dimensions: width 3.60 m and 2.70 m height.
  • penstock to the central DN3000 mm steel, with a length of 320 m, jump about 8.29 m;
  • central made of a building, interior dimensions of 14.55 x 18.35 m, built near the canal down of the Spinning of Grignasco factory, near the local road of Baragiotta meadows. It has been provided for the installation of two turbine-generator groups of the type double regulated Kaplan, horizontal wheel axis, with a capacity of 7,5mc/s each. Next to the turbines it’s provided for a synchronous drain, able to effectively limit the effects of varied motion in the plant, which could be triggered as a result of regulating or stopping of the turbines, as well as absorb water hammer due to changes in flow in the conduct, or to any arrest of the turbines. The flow rate regulation occurs through a valve type DN 1500 Howell Bunger;
  • work of return to the existing channel.